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Automotive Locksmith Rancho San Diego, Ca

Locked out without a plan? You don’t have to worry, because Mr. Keymans is ready to come to the
rescue. We offer 24 Hour Emergency Service with fast response. Don't try to pry, pick, poke, or power
saw into your car. You could damage your car and add to the cost of your situation.

Let Mr. Keyman solve your problem, the price of a lock out isn't as much as you may think, and our
service technicians are real friendly professionals. 

We would like to urge new car owners to call a Mr. Keyman Rancho San Diego locksmith immediately. As technology
becomes more advanced, newer cars are becoming even more complicated to gain access to. So
before you go prying into your new car, understand that the process we use to gain access to your
car, is as safe as using the car key it self, and it's less expensive than purchasing new keys for your car.

You need a locksmith Rancho San Diego that can get the job done without wasting your time, money, or
damaging your car in the opening process. There is a lot of time and patience to learn the trade
like we have, and we take pride in being the best value for your hard earned money. Call and ask
how to save 10% instantly.

Automotive Locksmith Key Replacement

Some Dealerships will charge you up to $325 to replace a dealer key. The price isn't in the cutting of the
key, but the programming of the chip.The economical option is to call a locksmith.Most cases we charge
half of what the dealer ask you to pay. Call and ask how to save 10% instantly.

Automotive Locksmith Security TIps:

  • Your automotive locksmith Rancho San Diego, Ca reccomends that your put packages and valuables
    out of sight,in the trunk. These include such items as cellular phones, laptops, CB radios,
    ipods, expensive sports equipment and clothing. Put these items away before parking your
    car. This simple step only takes a few seconds every time you leave your vehicle and is one
    of the best ways to keep a thief out of your vehicle.

  • Hide a spare key on the exterior of the car. Most automotive supply stores have magnetic key
    cases, just supply a bit of creativity as to where to hide the case.The old tape it to the underside
    of the bumper but this is too obvious not mention this takes a lot of tape.Get into the habit of
    locking your car from the outside so that it takes having your keys in your hand.

  • The most important part of getting your car key replaced is making sure the chip inside the
    key is programmed properly. Make sure you test your key several times before leaving Mr. Keyman
    Rancho San Diego locksmith or as soon as you get home with your new car key. Call the locksmith
    immediately if you have any problems unlocking the door or starting the car.

Automotive Locksmith Services:

  • Lost or Missing Car Keys?
    Keys Replaced On-site

  • After Hours Emergency Service 24 Hours a Day

  • Trunk Openings

  •  "The Club" Removal

  • Broken Keys Removed
    & Made Onsite. 

  • Broken Ignition Lock
    Repaired & Replaced On-site 
    • Ignitions Repaired
    • Ignitions Replaced
    • Ignitions Sold and Installed
    • Original Key Matched to New Car Locks - Including Ignitions

  • Gas Cap Locks Removed

  • Stolen Keys? We can re-key
    your car to a new & different set of keys.

  • Dealer Only Keys
    • Computer Chip Car Keys
    • Transponder Keys
    • GM / Vats Keys

  •  Computer Chip Keys 

  • Transponder Keys

  • GM / VATS Keys

  • Car Remotes ~ Sold 
    & Programed On-site

  • Vandalized Locks Repaired 
    & Replaced On-site

  • Vehicle Openings and Key Replacement for 
    the Following Automotive Makes Listed

    Acura Keys
    Audi Keys
    Buick Keys

    BMW Keys
    Cadillac Keys
    Chrysler Keys
    Datsun Keys
    Eagle Keys
    Freightliner Keys
    GMC Keys
    Honda Keys
    Hyundai Keys
    Isuzu Keys
    Jeep Keys
    Kia Keys
    Lexus Keys
    Lincoln Keys
    Mazda Keys
    Mitsubishi Keys
    Oldsmobile Keys
    Plymouth Keys
    Porche Keys
    Saturn Keys

    Chevrolet Keys
    Deawoo Keys
    Dodge Keys
    Ford Keys
    Geo Keys
    Hino Keys
    Hummer Keys
    Infinity Keys
    Jaguar Keys
    Kenworth Keys
    Land Rover Keys
    Mack Keys
    Mercedes Keys
    Mercury Keys
    Nissan Keys
    Peterbilt Keys
    Pontiac Keys
    Saab Keys
    Scion Keys
    Subaru Keys
    Toyota Keys
    Volkswagon Keys
    Volvo Keys



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